The HeadPhillow!

Possibly our most important invention yet…

Okay maybe not. But it is certainly is handy! The HeadPhillow is literally a pillow, for your headphones!

Get this, and our custom claw selfie holder that latches onto your pillow or anything you wish to set it too, in a neat little package for less than $100!

You can choose from a small, medium and large sized one (check out our size-guide to see which one YOUR headphones will fit into) – and premium, contoured models which mould around your neck to help you Get To Sleep Easy – will be virtually guaranteed to improve your quality of sleep!

Get yours NOW for less than $50 and help our start-up social enterprise out, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube to get notified the moment our epicly hilarious campaign launches!


  • High density, high quality foam pillow with memory foam covering, designed specifically to improve sleep quality.
  • Patented Headphone shaped hole in pillow with memory foam outset around borders, to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Comes in 3 sizes; small, medium and large (medium will hold all major headphones, and is still comfortable with small headphones). To see the size recommendations, do click here.
  • Turn over and you get a hole-free premium memory foam pillow!
    Comes with custom pillowcase (regular pillowcases work fine too!)

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