The Mellow – The First Ever Medical Grade, Evidence Based, Foam Pillow that’s scientifically designed to help you Get To Sleep Easy!

In this modern society, people are more concerned about their health thus making them more conscious of their lifestyle choices. And quality of sleep is one of the most important factors contributing to your health and wellbeing.

70million Americans suffer from Insomnia, and this can make you moody, exacerbate physical ailments and subsequently lower your energy levels. This can result in adverse health effects, especially for those with chronic illnesses. Experiencing a bad day is directly related to lasting irregular sleep patterns where your body did not recharge itself because of interrupted sleep or no sleep at all. Check out our article on the top, scientifically proven methods to help you Get to Sleep Easy!

A large chunk of people don’t get good sleep, and underestimate the impact that their pillow choice has on chronic back and neck pains and stiffness. Humans spend almost one-third of our lives sleeping. A simple investment choosing the right pillow for you go a long way in curing sleep-related problems. And we at Get To Sleep Easy have worked hard and scoured the literature to bring you – The Mellow!

Get yours today, by clicking here, and receive a 100 day, 100% guarantee*!

The Mellow – or Medical Pillow – is the only medical grade foam pillow out there on the market. Our pillow’s dimensions, and density, is specifically designed and keen on reducing cranial pressure, cervical stiffness and headaches among other sleep-related problems.
The first step in choosing the right pillow is the material which is made from. Memory foam pillows have been rated as the most comfortable on the market, and cooling gels embedded into our Mellow ensure that your face, the region of your body with the highest concentration of temperature sensing cells – is comfortable. But a denser, more supportive material is shown to reduce incidence of neck pain, and provide proper support to your cervical spine.
The Mellow gets the best of both worlds with its design – a memory foam outset with scrumptuously solid firm core. And its specific height has been found to be effective in lowering cranial pressure by 65% compared to regular pillows, as well as reducing lordosis distance which is reduces cervical stiffness.

Similarly, good neck support is important for cervical (neck) spine health!

The contoured version is the only pillow on the market designed for side AND back sleepers (contoured pillows offer amazing neck support, shown to reduce neck and back pain, for back sleepers!) and our wedge pillow, designed off the same concept, is shown to improve quality of sleep for reflux, back pain and chronic lung and heart disease patients.

Each purchase comes with a specialized hypoallergenic pillowcase. Say goodbye to insomnia by making our mellow pillow your sleep companion and make your road to better sleep a success!

*terms and conditions can be found in more detail here.

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