BheemUP the Smart Bed Incliner

Don’t pay $3000-5000 for a hospital bed.

BheemUP retrofits to any bed + mattress combo, and converts YOUR bed into a hospital bed, but for a tenth of the price!

Full details on how it works below;

If you purchase the full package (BheemUP Smart Bed Incliner + BheemSense Sensor Mat + Tray Table) – we’ll throw in shipping for all of that free (a further $97 off!).



We are just about to launch. Get this, to secure BheemUP for shipping by May 2023 Guaranteed (even sooner for bulk orders).

In this – you get:

1 x Smart Bed Incliner – Single to double model. For kings, we’ll charge an extra $49 (mainly for the added shipping costs).

But instead of paying $499, you’ll only pay $369.


  • Medical device certified motors (rated to 1320lbs, or 600kg) – comes with standard 12 month warranty.
    • Our actuators are the same ones used in high end hospital beds!
  • Easy to assemble, 5 year manufacturing warranty steel frame that sits under your mattress, and retrofits to any sized platform or slat, bed frame (over 95% of beds!).
  • Smart strap system.
  • Optional extras.
    • BheemSense Lite Sensor Mat. Detects vital signs, and monitors sleep.
    • Tray table
    • (we’ll send these out after you purchase if you’re interested).

 *Note – shipping will be charged when delivering, by May. This will be around $100USD to Northern America, and $50 to Australia. For other destinations, prices may vary (email us at info at bheemhealth dot com if interested. If not interested at time of delivery, you’ll be issued a complete refund.

This device retrofits to any bed frame + mattress combo, and lifts you up for a tenth of the price. Save $3000, and get a device that’s more portable and comfortable, and just as safe as a hospital bed!


Our founder developed this when he left hospital himself, recovering from cancer, and open heart surgery. After losing 2 friends to falls that could have been prevented… he decided to bring BheemUP to everyone. Check out his incredible story by clicking here!



Check it out in action in our demo video here!



The device sits on your current mattress, and lifts you up – like a hospital bed but for a fraction of the price!

The device (without the slats) is pictured above. It comes in a box, sits under your mattress, and can be set up in under 15 minutes. From there, plug and play!

The motors are Medical device certified, lift up to 600kg. And both the motors and the frame have been tested for over 18 months! It comes with a standard 12 month warranty.

Follow our YouTube channel – to see it in action in our demonstration videos!

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