The Importance of Good Posture while Working, Chilling and Sleeping in Bed.

These are unprecedented times. And it’s sparked massive change. The biggest of which could be how the very nature of work has changed. As corporations adapt to lockdown policies (and reasonable working fears), working from home has become commonplace. And one of the biggest complaints we’ve heard from these people, is back pain.

Large amounts of evidence have indicated that posture and movement habits at work are correlated to higher incidence of back pain. Bad posture, and being seated for 7+ hours a day is associated with an 89% higher risk of back pain (Journal of Applied Ergnomics). Research sensors which detect movement have shown that those who are sedentary have more complaints of back pain (Journal of Applied Ergonomics). Improper neck support and posture during sleep similarly increased incidence of back pain (British Medical Journal, European Journal of Spinal Health). and slumping obviously increases your risk of not only poor spine health, but also overall stress (Journal or Chiropractic Medicine). Getting sleep and work posture right is VITAL to spine and overall health.

I’m sure you’re guilty of working in bed like this too.

But I mean we all work and chill there… but is there anything that can help fix this in bed?

Well BheemUP – the Smart Bed Incliner, is a device which can. This device retrofits to any mattress and bed frame, and lifts you up – like a hospital bed – but better! Bedding configuration change was associated with the highest improvement in back pain and stress scores (Journal of Chiropractic Medicine). This lifting feature gets your It comes in a box, in just 5 pieces plus our Medical Device Certified motor, and takes 15 minutes to put together – no extra tools required. Slip it under your bed, strap it down, and away you go! Check it out in action below.

Ergonomic chairs are designed to provide lumbar support. This has been hard to emulate in bed, but our device makes this possible. Add on a lumbar support pillow, which is shown in clinical trials to improve comfort and back pain (European Journal of Pain, Journal of Chiropractic Medicine), and this is sure to improve your back pain!

But that’s only half the picture. Even more effective than pharmacological or assistive devices and furniture – is posture rehabilitation, a combination of education on good postural habits, and regular movement (Journal of Pain Research). Just as this article, published in the Journal of Work, demonstrated that active coaching of correct sleep postures by sensors improves back pain and spinal health, our BheemSense Sensor Mat is the first of its kind which provides insights on movement, and position in bed. Our patented sensors and proprietary algorithms maps your movement, as well as heart and breath rates, and connects to BheemUP and our app, which provides you with real time postural advice. It not only periodically reminds you to move, but uses machine learning to tailor advice to you. Check out some of the readings, and a video of it in action below!

This is perfect for you, your parents, and even your kids. Studies show that your teenage years in particular are particularly formative when it comes to sleep and sitting posture. Poor posture in these years is associated with higher rates of back pain and muscloskeletal disease (Nature). Proper advice given to seniors regarding sleep posture, on the back of sensor inputs, was shown to improve sleep and arthritic pain (Journal of Work). Getting posture, both when sleeping, and working or playing in bed is vital for EVERYONE.

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