Our Philosophy

Our Mission is to make life safer, easier and more fun, or at least more bearable for people in their most vulnerable moments.

As a social business, Get to Sleep Easy is committed to creating continual good. Not only are all profits from our founders’ shares being invested in medical research and developing more medical devices, we are also developing systems to help ensure everyone who needs our products, gets one. 

We are disrupting an enormous market with cost-effective products that could improve millions of lives, save billions of dollars in healthcare expenditure, and generate revenue.

nikhil research 2

Our founder – an ex-cancer patient, medical student and cancer researcher – believes that we can broaden our contribution through research and business. He wants to share this message to the world, and has BIG plans on how to get it done.

But right now, we need your help – to kick-start our business, to foster growth, and to finance testing to have our products optimal for use. 

We’re running our first crowdfunding venture in the near future on Kickstarter, a platform where you get rewarded for helping companies bring products to market with a huge discount and a chance to get their products first!

Check out our landing page for the Smart Inclining Bed This is the first ever device which can convert any bed into a hospital bed for a fraction of the price – here. And be sure to get one come launch! Keep updated on our progress by signing up to our mailing list here.

We’re committed to giving back, to ensure that our impact goes beyond our lifesaving products!

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