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Nikhil Autar wasn’t even sure he’d survive to still be here 7 years ago when he was told he had a rare, often deadly form of leukaemia. But now the 24 year old medical student is doing that and so much more.

Recently, he launched a $200 alternative to the hospital bed, and the first walking frame that comes to you. Both are tools which could drastically reduce fall rates, in hospital, nursing homes and regular homes alike.

“I mean when I was going through treatment, I remembered falling a few times. Luckily, they were either into my father’s arms, or only small falls. And that’s me. An otherwise healthy, 17 year old. When I looked into the literature and saw just how much of a problem this was… I knew I had to do something about it.”

Conservative estimates put fall rates for elderly populations as high as 30{f5116e8d5e4f43bd9ac21af0a8211d63107bb50d26df2dbd8a0422d994fce72b} per year. That number rises to over half for people aged 80 and up. They account for over a quarter of all emergency department presentations, and of those who have a serious fall, 25{f5116e8d5e4f43bd9ac21af0a8211d63107bb50d26df2dbd8a0422d994fce72b} will go on to die within a year of falling.

After noticing his quality of life had drastically risen after using a wedge pillow at night, he realised there was an opportunity to create even more good with a bit of innovation. And thus, the Adjustable Wedge Pillow was born.

“I realised my lung condition which had made it virtually impossible to sleep sometimes. The slope of a wedge pillow underneath me, fixed that. When I realised that on some nights, I needed it more, I realised it could also do so much more, and help fix this huge issue.”

Nikhil suffers from Bronchiolotis Obliterans, a life threaṭening lung complication which makes breathing at night extremely difficult. Some nights, he wakes up feeling ‘suffocated’ because of it.

The Adjustable Wedge Pillow not only performs the same function as a hospital bed for less than a tenth of the price, but also reduces the rates of falls through both a weight sensing mats which send alerts when patients, and its connection to Get To Sleep Easy’s other flagship innovation – the first Walking Frame that comes to you! A combination of robotics, and in depth knowledge and experience working on walking frames by Engineer Azharrudin Mohammed and intern Yang Han has allowed the Sydney based startup to also take out provisional patents on the Robotic Walking Frame, which navigates around objects, comes to the user on voice, remote control, app prompts, or when users are sitting on the side of their Adjustale Wedge Pillow. When not in use, it finds its way back to the charging station.

“We’re already prototyping both of these products. But this is just the beginning. Our end goal is to produce a hospital bed, will reduce incidences of common hospital stays such as falls, pneumonias and blood clots, and eliminate the barriers of entry that currently stops doctors and nurses from combating these, by putting all those life-saving devices inside the hospital bed. Patients can pretty much treat themselves. But we also wanna keep doing even more good.”

His company is actually structured as a social enterprise, and 100{f5116e8d5e4f43bd9ac21af0a8211d63107bb50d26df2dbd8a0422d994fce72b} of all profits will go towards charities and research. Get To Sleep Easy is already working with Engineers Without Borders students to create a version of their hospital bed which is cheap and easy to manufacture.

“It’s the least I can do. And social enterprises get the best of both worlds. Businesses ultimately do exist to serve the community. And I hope more innovations can go down this road in the future.

Thus far, Nikhil’s been funding this venture with his poker winnings. But with the buzz that he’s already managed to get behind this, and their recent pre-sales launch, a more solid income stream is sure to follow. You can pre-order, and get your hands on these amazing products now at!

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