We’re Launching the Smart
Bed Incliner on Kickstarter!

✅ Lifts your bed LIKE a hospital bed.

✅ But better because it’s YOUR bed!

✅ Sensors track Movement, Heart and Breath rates. And learns with AI.

✅ This results in better sleep, safety and comfort!

We launch on Kickstarter. Sign up for a massive LAUNCH DAY ONLY discount!



✅ Sits under your mattress and lifts your bed, with medical device certified motors.

✅ Retrofits to any mattress and bed combo, with a specialised, patented frame designed to last!

✅ Makes life safer, and more comfortable for you OR your parents!

It’s awesome. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Bheem Sense Lite Will Make Your Room SMART!

✅ The first sensors which monitor movement (and more), affordably. 

✅ Movement + heart + breath rates detect sleep phase accurately.

✅ In the future, this will detect falls, bed sores and maybe even COVID-19 symptoms!

✅ Purchasers on Kickstarter get updates on our machine learning powered app for LIFE!

This provides insights into posture (for those working from home), the most accurate sleep monitoring on the market, and may monitor symptoms of COVID-19, and in the future, things like falls, too!

It also connects to Smart Lights, and other Smart Home devices. 


Our highly convenient, sturdy tray table also attaches to the device, and will also be on offer during ourKickstarter campaign!

Why Customers Love BheemUP

smart bed incliner photo

I found this super comfortable, because it used my own mattress! I wish I had this during treatment, for sure!

– Jackie, 4 time cancer survivor.

I have had many experiences where I needed a hospital bed, such as when I had a fall which led to several fractures, and when I got surgery on my back for back pain. The Smart Inclining Bed has changed how I sleep, and allows me more rest in bed.

– Leanna, mother of 4 loving kids.

What is Kickstarter, and why are we launching there?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform where users post exciting new projects to help get funding to make them a reality. Unlike other platforms, Kickstarter requires at least a prototype before you can start a campaign there – but we’ve gone even further than most products on this platform, and are manufacturing ready. Expected delivery will be Jan – Feb 2021!
Check it out in action, and how easy it is to use, in our detailed product video on our socials!

By signing up to our exclusive Kickstarter email or text list below, you’ll score a HUGE day 1 discount when we launch in late September, and be able to get your hands on the Smart Inclining Bed first, for just $299 (fits any single bed) or $369 (fits any double, queen or king bed)! That’s an over 40% discount!

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