The Smart Inclining Bed

It sits on top of your current bed frame, or on the mattress.
It Adjusts to your bed – no matter what the size! 
Just Strap it on, plug it in, and off you go!

Plus, the premium Sleep Pro and Home Health models will map  movement, breathing and other factors, to improve sleep, and keep loved ones safer at home for longer. 

This connects to our app, Centered Around You, to provide optimal comfort and sleep, and to provide the most accurate, real-time health updates/alerts. 

Starting at less than $500. Pre-order now and get it first!

Check out this blog of our engineer’s trip to inspect our manufacturing partner too!

Winner, Australian Student Startup of the Year - Startcon

Winner, NSW Student Startup of the Year


Helping you get better sleep

Our Smart Inclining Bed, and its revolutionary Smart Sensor Alert System, maps your movements, breathing and muscular tone to monitor your sleep, and wake you up in light sleep, so you’ll feel more refreshed!

The Sleep Pro Bed Enhancer combo uses machine learning, the most accurate sensors on the market, and air inflation to mould to YOUR BODY – giving you the most comfortable, refreshing sleep possible! 

Our app – powered by Centered Around You (our revolutionary, all inclusive, health and wellness app) – provides the best, evidence backed, AI powered, personalized sleep advice too!

100% of profits are invested into creating Medical Devices, and Powering Medical Research


The Sleep Pro Bed Enhancer

The Smart Inclining Bed converts any bed INTO a hospital bed for 1/10th of the price!

This sits on top of your current bed, lifts you up, like a fully automatic hospital bed, but at 1/10th of the price! 

Our Sleep Pro Model will use a combination of smart sensors and air inflation tech to give you the best night’s sleep possible, and our fully featured, Smart Inclining Bed Home Hospital Bed alternative (in development) will send alerts if someone’s fallen, has stopped breathing or is at risk of a pressure sore. See Centered Around You for more information regarding this!

Hospital beds’ lifting features are shown to reduce rates of falls by 30%, and time spent sick with pneumonia by 35%, by helping you sit up. 

It also makes life easier. Optional bed rails and fold out tray/desk available too.

AND it can help people with reflux, lung conditions and lower back pain get better sleep too! You can even Netflix or work in bed without breaking your back on it too!

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Our App, and Future Innovations

Our smart sensors are just the beginning. 

Centered Around You connects home and healthcare like never before. 

And machine learning in its back end powers medical research.

From breaking edge innovations like our Smart Sensor system, Smart Blood Glucose Monitors and the first ever Walking Frame which comes TO YOU,  it’s sure to make life SAFER and EASIER – for everyone!

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Meet our founder

Nikhil Autar is a medical student, medical researcher, and ex-cancer patient.
Our founder lost one too many friends to preventable illness. And he knew millions, like him suffered from poor sleep.
He decided to to something about it and founded Get To Sleep Easy.

Follow his journey at nikhilautar.com!

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