Get To Sleep Easy is a social enterprise. Meaning we’re aiming to donate 100{f5116e8d5e4f43bd9ac21af0a8211d63107bb50d26df2dbd8a0422d994fce72b} of our profits to charity.

Our cause is a necessary one. As explained in our about section and dissected further in blogs which you can see here, the problem is vast. One particular figure that astounds us is that 950,000 children under 5 die every year due to pneumonia alone. Our mission to create a bed with the principles our Convertible Hospital Bed Frame offers, that can be developed affordably, close to the source in resource poor settings. In addition, our adjustable wedge pillow targets a large market, and creates further revenue streams too, with a few additions that will personalise, and make real-time healthcare, even at home, a possibility.

An investment in us is an investment that keeps on giving. Our social enterprise nature also means we operate as a business, generating profits that will continue to create good for the world, in addition to our lifesaving, revolutionary, and necessary product. Furthhermore, in these early stages, we offer the ability for your donation to be dedicated to a cause that aligns with your values, and for those willing to donate a good sum of money, you can even garner a 5x return on your donation to said cause or charity via a promissory note. Read our prospectus for more information. And click here to donate.

Prospectus for:

Individual donors.
Corporate/business philanthropy.

Do watch our animation to see just a few ways in which our bed addresses these problems.