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Welcome to our affiliate program! If you help sell our products, you can take a cut of the profits made!

Do email us if you join this program, and get some of our amazing products to show to your followers. In this, do send us your social media profiles and tags so we can track who you are and shout you out as well on our social channels! By law, you do have to let people know it’s a paid promotion if you’re doing it for yourself, so do make sure you comply with your local laws (in general, adding #sponsored and/or #ad will cover you in most jurisdictions).

Make sure posts also have the hashtag #GetToSleepEasy and/or #SmartIncliningBed on them too!

Join MaximBady and hundreds of other influencers as we launch our lifesaving product. Check out the animation below this to find out more about what we’re doing and how it saves lives. Once you register, click “generate link” and it’ll give you your own custom tracking code, which detects what your followers bought (just from pre-sales alone, you can make up to $99 per item your followers buy!)


Check out our explainer video here! And feel free to buy some merch, items that will help YOU Get To Sleep Easy, at

And check out our founder’s story, as well as some media hype we’ve gotten already for this!,

Sydney startup Get To Sleep Easy wants to bring the safety of the hospital bed to homes


For more information, check out the terms and conditions on our website.