Tracking pressure, movements, heart rate and vitals to keep our most vulnerable safe at home. 


A Flatpack device which makes YOUR Bed, lift you. Like A Hospital Bed – Without The Price Tag!

Making life Safer. Easier. More Comfortable. Affordably. 

BheemSense is revolutionising healthcare in aged care, and - because it's so affordable - at home.

BheemUP is an affordable, compact alternative to a hospital bed.

Our mission is to make life safer, easier and more comfortable - for all.

Learn how our tech can keep and your family, or your clients, safer at home, for longer. 

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The Problem;

Most complications faced by our Most Vulnerable are Preventable.

Pressure sores are present in 25% of people in aged care who present to hospital. They can take years to heal. Australia spends $2bn managing this per year.

Falls are our most common cause of hospitalisation. 1/5 people who fall in aged care, aren’t attended to for over an hour. The US spends $52bn managing the complications of falls. 

As many as 70% of falls happen when getting out of bed. 

Current pressure injury prevention
solutions are ineffective

$ 0 B

Pressure injuries cost the Australian healthcare system over $2B per annum 1

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3 million people are treated for injuries of falls in the US 2

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Patients with pressure injuries have 5x higher mortality rates in hospitals3


Our achievements and milestones

Because it’s so affordable, BheemSense can bring remote home monitoring, and sleep lab level equipment, to the home – for the first time.

From aged care, to security, BheemSense could herald change for dozens of industries.

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