Introducing, BheemSense. Launching soon on Kickstarter

The final frontier of sleep tracking, is movement.

Movement is the most accurate predictor of sleep phase.

Muscle tone changes drastically between N1, N2, N3 and NREM phases of sleep. You transition from complete paralysis, to rhythmic limb micromovements, and phases where whole body lurches are more prevalent.

To date, sensors that “track movement,” either only do small strips, or else require tens, to hundreds of thousands of point sensors, costing over $12,000 to manufacture. Even upper end sleep labs can’t afford this – they’re only used for research. 

BheemSense absolutely changes the game.

We use patented stretch fabric technology, printed in the nations’ only roll-to-roll printing lab capable of producing a bed-sized unit, to map movement to sub millimetre accuracy. 

Over 1.5million individual data points, capable of producing hundreds of pressure readings each, are processed in our plug-and-play sensor mat. It isn’t a wearable, doesn’t require charging, and feels as soft as a yoga mat under your back. 

Vital monitoring accurate to 1 unit of gold standards, are trusted, and being trialled in the nation’s top aged-care facilities, for remote home monitoring.


Gain the benefits of contact-free actimetry, and superior vital monitoring that’s being developed to medical device standards.

Invest in your health. 

We’re launching BheemSense on Kickstarter soon!

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Our sensors use revolutionary patented stretch sensitive sensors and manufacturing methods, with our proprietary algorithms, to create heat map sensors for HUNDREDS rather than THOUSANDS.

All of this contact free!

But it does more too.

AI, Personalisation, Smart Homes and More

We use artificial intelligence to learn from your movements, and provide evidence based insights and suggestions to improve sleep. It also connects to smart lights, wakes you up only in light sleep – when you’re refreshed – with smart, flexible alarms, and connects to Google Home and other smart devices too.

You’re free to use this how you wish – whether you use our evidence based tips to get sleep scores which you can gradually improve over time, or to make your room the perfect, customisable, automated sleep cave.

Superior Tech

The world leading Materials and Manufacturing Futures Institute, UNSW, is the powerhouse between our tech. They have the only roll-to-roll printer in the nation, capable of screen printing BheemSense’s circuitry in multiple layers, and in bed-length sheets. With dozens of patents, and thousands of publications amongst their team, they are world leaders in piezoresistive tech.

The printers


The lab

The final result.

The team



We’re researchers, and scientists, who’ve partnered with leading sleep labs, and  institutions to develop this. 

Professor Sean Li

Head of the Materials Manufacturing Futures Institute of UNSW, Professor Sean Li has decades of experience at the leading edge of material engineering. He has hundreds of publications from the leading edge of thermoelectric nanotechnologies and quantum photodynamics, to advanced raw material processing. He has received over $5,500,000 in research grants personally, while mentoring and assisting research fellows and students who have raised similar amounts. 

Professor Sean Drummond

Leading Monash University’s renowned Lung and Sleep department, Professor Drummond is an expert in sleep, and medical devices, with a particular interest in the development and clinical applications of consumer devices. He too has been responsible for millions of dollars in grant funding, and has over 100 publications to his name. 

Dr Bo Xu

Senior manager at the MMFI, Bo has personally managed over $4million of grants, and has been published in 13 articles, specialising in piezoresistive ink printing, vital to BheemSense’s circuitry.  

Nivedita Autar, Director

With a decade of experience at Cisco, where she managed Australia and New Zealand’s hardware-software solutions architecture team, and Microsoft, Nivedita is responsible for the architecture of both our medical facility mobile application and cloud security and infrastructure. She is an active advisor and mentor to the team. 


Nikhil Autar, CEO

After being diagnosed with leukaemia, Nikhil sat his exams in a hospital bed, and got into medical school the next year. He’s worked on leading cancer research at the Ingham Institute, serves on Cancer Australia’s grants review committee, has played instrumental role in patient-centred advocacy, and knows the challenges of both poor sleep, and unnecessary complications of hospital stays intimately. He is our CEO and a co-inventor of the tech behind BheemSense. 


Nicholas Rabey, CTO

Having graduated with honours from a biomedical engineering degree ahead of time, and having worked at the Accentures and Medical Directors of the world, Nick combined his passion for all things electronics, a background in research, and machine learning and coding talent, to lead the design of BheemSense. 


Dr Fleur Trezise

A nurse at the forefront of wound care research, Dr Trezise brings deep knowledge, and decades of experience in wound management, and connections to world leading researchers and government bodies, to the table. She will play a key role in clinically trailing BheemSense when we register as a medical device. 


We’re launching on Kickstarter soon, after a successful campaign for our first innovation – BheemUP!

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